February 22, 2007

New Online Letter Campaign from CTJ

Tell Congress: Stop the IRS
from Using Private Debt Collectors

Call on your Representative and Senators to stop the IRS's use of private debt collectors to locate delinquent taxpayers. The program is wasting taxpayer dollars and could put taxpayers' personal information at risk.

It's easy. Even if you're not sure who your Representative and Senators are, you can just fill in your address below, and our system will figure out which members of Congress to send your letter to. You can just send the letter that's already written below or you can write your own.

Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to end the program, which the IRS began last fall.

Click here to send your members of Congress a letter in support of this bill, which will end the IRS's use of private collection agencies.

One problem with the program is that the private collectors receive a commission of 21 to 24 cents for each dollar they collect, while IRS employees could do the same work for just 3 cents for every dollar collected. It is also feared that the private debt collectors, driven by large profits, will have a greater incentive than IRS employees to violate the privacy rights of taxpayers in order to increase collections.

Check the CTJ Congress Page for more information and updates about this issue.


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