November 02, 2006

Fiscally Irresponsible Congressmen Not Welcomed in Governors' Mansions

The President's policies are starting to become radioactive and Republican members of Congress seeking higher office are starting to feel the effects. Those in gubernatorial races are having a particularly difficult time convincing voters they can manage a state's budget because of their association with the President’s fiscal policies and the staggering national debt. In Wisconsin, Rep. Mark Green is facing an uphill battle to unseat incumbent Governor Jim Doyle. After criticizing Doyle’s tax and spending policies, the governor’s campaign responded that “Green has been a rubberstamp for President Bush and Republicans in Congress who have transformed the largest surplus in history into the largest deficit in history.” Colorado’s Rep. Bob Beauprez is receiving similar criticism as he trails behind his opponent, Bill Ritter, in that state’s gubernatorial race. In Iowa, Secretary of State Chet Culver is leading Rep. Jim Nussle, who is certainly associated with the President’s fiscal recklessness because of his position as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Of course, there are federal issues people are paying more attention to than tax and fiscal policy (like the war and immigration). But it's nice to see that the greatest reversal in our fiscal health in decades is thoght to be worth a mention also.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Aaron Harms said...

I blame Clinton!


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