October 13, 2006

New Jersey: Bush Tax Cuts Are Focal Point in Senate Race

In New Jersey, incumbent Senator Bob Menendez and challenger Tom Kean Jr. are on opposite sides of the fence on the issue of whether the Bush tax cuts have been a good thing. The Bergen Record's Herb Jackson has good coverage here.

Kean (Jr.) thinks that the Bush cuts have been a great move, plain and simple, and wants to make them all permanent. Kean has signed Americans for Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which means he won't hike tax rates, and won't eliminate tax loopholes unless the money is used to reduce tax rate.

Menendez wants to repeal some of the Bush cuts, namely those "for the very wealthy," but hasn't been too clear on what that means.

CTJ's summary of how the Bush tax cuts affect New Jerseyans at different income levels is here. A handy guide to what the Bush tax cuts actually did (and when it all happened) is here.


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