October 16, 2006

The latest from CTJ...

CTJ's Congressional Tax Report Card
See how your Senators and Representative voted on the big issues of tax fairness and responsible fiscal policy.

Over the past six years, Congress and President Bush have made major changes to the federal tax system, dramatically affecting tax fairness, revenues and budget deficits. This Congressional Tax Report Card looks at the five key tax votes in the House and Senate that have produced these changes, plus one additional vote on an important recent tax bill that Congress narrowly rejected. http://www.ctj.org/pdf/reportcard2006.pdf

The Tax Report Card details how members of Congress voted on these six bills, and grades each member on the combination of his or her votes. The grading system is based on the combination of two criteria: tax fairness and fiscal responsibility - principles that all sides of the political debate at least pretend to honor.

Spread the Word About Your Legislators' Records

By clicking here you can write a letter to your local paper drawing attention to your members' voting records on these issues. It only takes 30 seconds and can help people in your state stay informed about who's a Friend of the Taxpayer - and who's not.


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