May 11, 2006

Who Crossed Party Lines on the $70 Billion Tax Cut?

The House of Representatives has approved the conference committee report for the latest $70 billion tax cut. With the Senate's approval (voting record analyzed here), it's off to the President's desk.

The bill, HR 4297, cuts capital gains taxes (for two years) and the AMT (for one year). A detailed list of the bill's provisions (and the five-year and ten-year cost of each) can be found on the House website here.

The House vote was largely a party-line affair, but a few members crossed party lines each way.

Here are the 15 House Democrats who voted for the tax cut:
John Barrow, 12th District - Georgia
Melissa Bean, 8th District - Illinois
Dan Boren, 2nd District - Oklahoma
Ed Case, 2nd District - Hawaii
Robert "Bud" Cramer, 5th District - Alabama
Henry Cuellar, 28th District - Texas
Lincoln Davis, 4th District - Tennessee
Harold Ford, 9th District - Tennessee
Bart Gordon, 6th District - Tennessee
Jim Marshall, 3rd District - Georgia
Jim Matheson, 2nd District - Utah
Mike McIntyre, 7th District - North Carolina
Charlie Melancon, 3rd District - Louisiana
Collin Peterson, 7th District - Minnesota
John Salazar, - 3rd District - Colorado

Here are the 2 Republicans who voted against it:
Sherwood Boehlert, 24th District - New York
Jim Leach, 2nd District - Iowa

The complete roll-call vote is here.


At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need a 3rd party. And a 4th. And a 5th. Ahhh, maybe we just need a fifth.

Democrats, go to heck. You're not doing anyone any good. The rich already have a party. They don't need, or want, you.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger josh narins said...

Jim Leach also voted against the war in Iraq, and even against the rule on the Hunter amendment that was designed to embarass Murtha. He joined five other Republicans each time. GO GO WESTERN IOWAN REPUBLICANS!


There is exactly one way to change the party system, and that is not by addressing it directly.

Change, wherever you can, from your local boards to your State Houses to your system for Congressional Representatives, the voting system. That is why the Greens and the Libertarians favor IRV, because they stupidly think it is voting system reform.

Schulze is the way, or maybe Tideman. It's strictly a mathematical question (like apportionment, finally (MOSTLY!) solved in 1941), and IRV is mathematically indefensible.

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