May 30, 2006

Further Evidence that Undocumented Immigrants Contribute to State Economies

There is growing interest in trying to quantify the contribution that undocumented workers make to their communities.

In earlier posts we highlighted a report from the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. Researchers there "estimate that an average undocumented family in Georgia contributes between $2,340 and $2,470 in state and local sales, income, and property taxes combined. An undocumented family that does not pay income taxes would have a sales and property tax contribution of between $1,800 and $1,860."

A similar issue brief was recently released from the Oregon Center for Public Policy detailing the investment that undocumented workers are making in Oregon through their tax dollars.

Now there is at least one more study available showing that undocumented workers are paying taxes. This new study from researchers at New Mexico Voices for Children found that workers contribute approximately $47 million in tax dollars annually. To read the study click here. For a press clip about the report, click here.


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