June 15, 2005

Responsibility Reigns in VA

For those outside the MD-DC-VA area, Virginia had their primary elections yesterday. Simply put, anti-tax advocates got handed a resounding defeat. From a Washington Post article:

Five of the six Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates who were targeted for ouster by anti-tax organizers survived their primary challenges yesterday, leaving the conservative movement's threat of ballot box retribution largely unfulfilled.

Anti-tax groups such as Americans for Tax Reform, Virginia Conservative Action PAC and Virginia Club for Growth attempted to oust Republicans that voted for a responsible tax package back in 2004. The tax package was needed to secure the state's budget without crippling its ability to provide needed public services. The public voted and chose to support fiscal responsibility over haphazard, empty anti-tax rhetoric. The results of the VA primary are heartening to anyone who still believes responsible governance matters.


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