June 16, 2005

Kansas School Funding: Round #2

Kansas AP-filing political writer John Hanna is on the school funding beat again (this time via the Guardian Unlimited). Some Republican lawmakers are starting to make noise about just straight up doing nothing. For example:

"I think it's high time we confronted the court,'' said Rep. Frank Miller. "One thing we could do is just refuse to obey.''

But cooler heads may yet prevail:
The Kansas court has not said what it would do if lawmakers defied the order.
"I would just as soon not learn the answer to that question,'' said Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, a Republican.
Lets hope.

In the meantime, Governor Sebelius says it won't take a new tax, but instead the money can come from gambling revenue and newly fudged up two-year revenue estimates. There are a couple of gambling proposals already on the table. Sebelius is trying to avoid dipping into the state's rainy day fund by trying to keep a PAYGO-type mentality alive in the special session that will begin next week.


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