June 07, 2005

Kansas School Funding: Round #1

Kansas political writer John Hanna delivers the early verdict on the recent court decision on education funding (they need more of it) in that state.

He writes:

People aren't literally smelling burnt toast around the Statehouse, but Republican legislative leaders and Attorney General Phill Kline were scorched nonetheless by the Kansas Supreme Court's decision on education funding


The court's ruling was the judicial equivalent of whacking Kline and the Legislature upside the head with a large stick. It was unanimous, unsigned, strongly worded - and clear in conveying the justices' impatience


Kline, his attorneys and Republican legislators had their rear ends handed to them, pure and simple.

The high court ruled that the legislature must call a special session to find a way to come up with an additional $142 million and that to do that, they cannot rely on local property taxes. Not surprisingly, several Republican State Senators are flipping out.

I need to catch a train, so I can't write much now, but here is the Court's opinion. And here are some of the immediate responses.

Here are my two questions (follow the reactions link and you'll understand):

1. Does Tim Huelskamp understand the nature of constitutions?
2. Does Alan Cobb understand the nature of money (or math)?


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